The Charlotte Torah Center Hebrew School

There are hundreds (perhaps thousands) of Jewish families in Charlotte who want their children to have some Jewish education but aren't doing so for three main reasons:

(1) Time.
Parents and children have busy schedules during the week and it's hard to find time to take them twice a week to Hebrew school; for parents who have to drive close to a half an hour, they are stranded in the area until school finishes.
(2) Money
In order to enroll in Hebrew school the parents must become members of the synagogue affiliated with the school. In addition, some parents have expressed concern that they have been solicited for the building fund or other synagogue related expenses.
(3) Enthusiasm.
It's a challenge to get the kids to go and being as some parents don't have meaningful memories of their own Hebrew school experiences they don't see the need.

In order to meet the needs of these parents and children, the Charlotte Torah Center is beginning a Sunday Hebrew School that will address these three concerns.